Chapter 60 - A Peaceful Period is Just the Universe Deciding Which Stick to Beat You With

Author's Note

Niall Stephens

Huge thanks to my Patron, Mike! And to all the people who still read this, seriously, I can't thank you enough for sticking with me. I'm just writing what I wanted to read, and that was a comedy that doesn't know what genre it is, is based pretty much entirely in straight man/wise guy humour, and has the capacity to both warm hearts and break them. I hope I'm living up to that, and if I'm not, I'd love to know where you think I can improve. Anyway, now for an announcement: The Supernormal will be taking a short hiatus. Only until January 17th, but having destroyed my backlog recovering, I'm still finding it hard to build it back to an acceptable level for a Patreon release (my original plan was the end of the 1st volume... then the end of the 2nd... then the 50th chapter... yeah I didn't plan this well in the first place, did I? Live and learn). So I'm just gonna upload exclusively to Patreon for a week and then go from there. You can subscribe for £4 a month and by the end of the week, it'll be a full week's worth of early access at all times. So thanks for reading, and stay awesome!