Chapter 12 - B5 C12: Assistants of pioneers

Author's Note

Xel Vi Coronata

A lot of MCs have an AI or mission control. I wonder why... Today's note.  I've been waiting for two social commenters I respect a lot to give their input on the Black Lives Matter movement. I believe none here need me to elaborate my stand, but I'll state it out here: I condemn the police brutality and entrenched racism in the US, and I fervently hope that things will change. My work, though it does condemn racism, does not even begin to scratch the surface of real racism. In-story, it's because racism (in the horrifying form of genocide) was never a thing until something happened. More importantly, I believe that I am not qualified to explore the BLM movement because I a) am a majority race in my country, b) to claim that I can truly empathise would be downright hypocritcal of me and c) I still lack a full picture. Therefore, let me point you in the direction of Trevor Noah's The Daily Show and John Oliver's Last Week Tonight. They give a far better explanation of the BLM movement and the circumstances surrounding it, as well as police brutality and racism in the US.