Chapter 63 - B6 C63: The Frenzied Tide

Author's Note

Xel Vi Coronata

The title of this book is quite the red herring, right? But anyway, Book 6 is done. I started on this work around...9 months ago. It's both a hobby and work I didn't know I could commit to with discipline (I write literally everyday), but for my first web novel, I would call it an impressive effort. Thanks for following me up until now, and do continue to enjoy my work! We're going to move on to Book 7: Limina of Ruin! Unlike its name, it's quite the SOL this time, which is good, considering— Ahem. Thanks for your support so far! It's a shame I don't have that many followers, nor do I rank particularly high, but I suppose it is what it is.  As usual, leave great reviews, ratings or support me on Patreon! Hoho. Here's to another year of daily chapters on MQ!  Thank you, and see y'all tomorrow!