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Sure! MoonQuill was very much so made for people just like you. The easiest way for us to help you, is for you to come by our discord channel, which you can access here. We will be able to match you with proofreaders, and editors, and you will be able to communicate your ideas and thoughts with writers from all over the globe.

MoonQuill was made so that both amateur and professional writers would be able to monetize their work on the platform - simply create an account, then click the “publish” button at the top of the page to apply to be a writer. Once you’ve been accepted, you’ll be able to start creating novels, volumes, and chapters.

A MoonQuill staff member will contact you via the email you used to sign up to ask for your tax and payment info. Long story short, if you’re a U.S. citizen, we will send you a link to our payroll service, where you can securely input your tax and payment info. If you’re not a U.S. citizen, we will need a W-8BEN and a paypal email from you for payment.

That being said, you get to work on at your own pace, whenever you want, for as long as you want. Writing is a great source of long-term, passive income.

If you’d like to write in a more professional manner, check out our publishing program!

We are looking to recruit proofreaders, editors, and cover artists. Keep an eye on our discord for announcements! (We’re always looking for cover artists)

As long as the other platform also allows you to publish on other platforms, this is completely okay, as long as you haven’t signed anything with us that specifically disallows you from doing so. We like to allow our authors as many options as possible.

However, if you’re publishing your book through our publishing program, then you will have to abide to the terms of your specific contract.

We’re developing ways for readers to support the writers who create the awesome fictional worlds we bask in - one of the ways is with “cookies”, our virtual currency. Because, you know, chocolate chip cookies kind of look like the moon? No? Well, everyone likes cookies, or something like that.

Anyway, in the future, readers will be able to donate cookies to authors, who will be able to redeem them for money. Cookies will also be worked into the future “premium” system, allowing readers to pay for chapters individually if they don’t want to pay for a monthly subscription.

We’re working on functionality of a monthly subscription premium system, where readers can pay a low monthly fee to have access to any premium works on the site, and with it, have a completely ad-free experience.. In return, writers will be able to make a decent amount of money from their blood, sweat, and tears. Writers will be in full control of whether or not they want to go premium with their works.

While we’re working on functionality for the future premium system, we’ve put a lower-priced premium system in place. By purchasing the monthly ad-free VIP subscription, you will have a completely ad-free experience on the site, and will be supporting MoonQuill as we continue to work on developing and operating the platform.

We’re sorry to hear that you were denied! Your application was either denied because:


The contents did not comply with our non-exclusive agreement


The writing was not up to par with the MoonQuill standard.

No matter the reason, don’t fret! You can always apply again. If you were denied for the second reason, come by the MoonQuill discord! You can find authors and editors there to talk to and improve your writing.