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  • After being forced to go on a supernatural search for Angels, Takeya encounters a series of peculiar events that change his life forever. Together, he and the cute and whimsical Ayumi scour for clues as to who or what may be creating the catastrophic events plaguing their small, snow-laden town. When they uncover secrets hidden in plain sight, the two high school students realize that the world as they know it may come to an end.
    Will a miracle save them? Or will this winter be the last one they ever see?

    Trite Hexagon
  • Teloun. A kingdom of chivalric virtue and martial prowess, forged through centuries of hardship and ambition.

    It is into one of its most prestigious families that Norman—a weak, crippled child—is born. Fate has condemned him to a life of mediocrity, destined to be a footnote in the pages of history. That is until an opportunity arrives, carried on the shoulders of the Crimson Prince and his noble hostage.

    They bring news that the evolution of war is approaching an apotheosis as new weapons arrive to shape the battlefield in previously unimaginable ways.

    Emil Faul

  • His Lordship Arrives. Corruption. Greed. War. Lev is no stranger to the evils of the world, having spent a lifetime fighting the predatory system that ensnared the world's population and turned them into puppets for the leaders of humanity.
    But after being assassinated, he finds himself in a new world—one with different yet familiar evils. It's a similar road he must traverse, but this time he can do so with a lifetime of experience behind him.

    Michiel Werbrouck - Hadi Bendakji
  • "Although the body is dead, its military soul has not been extinguished." These are words that Luo Zhirou's father has told her time and time again.
    For peace and freedom, countless soldiers sacrificed their lives, only to stumble at the last step.
    Forced to live in the Empire where her soldiers had died, live under the ruler who had ordered her people's death, Luo Zhirou knows all too well that ten years is not too long to wait for revenge.
    Revenge for her people. Hope for a reunion with her mother. Life is far from easy for Luo Zhirou as she finds that she possesses the Five Elements of the Royal Sky.

  • Weak. Useless. Traitor.
    These are the words that continuously plague the mortal Amon. His wish to protect his loved ones is answered when he finds a hidden gravesite with artifacts belonging to a powerful cultivator. Confronted by the area's guardian, Amon begs the illusive woman for her guidance.

  • It's graduation night. Ayo, Momo, Jireh, and Jonah party the night away to celebrate their newly found adulthood. As they each reveal their plans for the future, Ayo realizes that he's, once again, the odd one out. When they start to run out of whisky, the group ventures off to Momo's house for one last round of beer, with Ayo lagging behind.
    Lost in his thoughts, he finds himself—and his graduation cap—momentarily tossed in the air, and then flattened by a truck. With his death, Ayo enters some twisted version of Purgatory and sees his friends and family in a new light.
    There, Ayo meets two gods who give him the opportunity to explore any time and any place in the past, present, or future. It's only after a few journeys into the lives his closest friends lead without him, that the gods realize the gravity of their one-in-a-lifetime offer.

    Tosin Balogun
  • Lance is unquestionably the strongest hero ever. He swings the biggest sword, slings the biggest spells, and fights the biggest monsters. At least, he should be fighting the biggest monsters.
    For a long time, I've been trying to get Lance to do something-anything-but the big lunk doesn't listen to a word I say. Then, one fate-filled afternoon, I finally convinced him to go on a proper adventure. This would be Lance's greatest challenge yet, but now I realize that it will be his only challenge to date.
    At present, it shouldn't be a problem, though. There's no way a man of his calibur could ever fail at the first thing he's ever had to try at, right?
    Right. Lance will win. In fact, Lance has to win. Because if he doesn't win, I may have doomed the world.

    Jonah Pence

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MoonQuill cuts out the middlemen and red tape associated with most other publishing programs, providing quality and dedication that every author deserves.

Our publishing program offers customizable packages that can be modified to fit your specific needs. Whether you need editors, artists, or a marketing team, we’ve got your back.


We have vetted, battle-tested editors, award-winning artists, and a staff full of indie publishing experts.

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Our staff has extensive, successful experience publishing and marketing books including e-books, paperbacks, audiobooks, AND web toon adaptations.


We’ll handle all the logistics that come with preparing a book for sale so that you can focus on your craft.


We will key you on the process, and communicate your novel’s progress with you as often as you’d like.

The MoonQuill publishing program operates under a FREE, revenue-sharing model! In other words, if you don’t make money, we don’t make money. Compared to traditional publishing contracts which usually net authors 5 – 15% of the book’s revenue, our contracts typically offer more than 50% of the book’s sales. Most importantly, we know that your manuscripts are your intellectual babies, so you get to keep your copyright!

The Requirements

Our word count requirement is rather flexible. The values below are guidelines and all works will be considered regardless of word count.

Collection of short stories: 55,000+
Collection of poems: No minimum, but enough for a booklet
Light Novels / Novelettes: 50,000+
Novels: 65,000+

All manuscripts are required to be submitted with a query letter and a synopsis. Remember, the letter gives us insight to you, both as a person and as an author. Detail why MoonQuill should choose your book, what makes it stand out from others in its genre, and what makes you stand out from other authors, and your goals for publishing your novel. Don’t worry about spoilers, this is only seen by staff!

The only file formats we will accept are doc, docx, pdf, rtf, and wpd. We will also accept Google Docs links and MS Word Online links, but please make sure that the sharing options are not restricted to invite only or we will not be able to access the links.

The Process

Once you’ve completed your application, our staff will review your work. During this time we may reach out to you via email or Discord with questions. If this happens, don’t panic! It doesn’t mean your book will be rejected, but it could mean that your book is in the final stage of review.

The selection process may take anywhere from 1 to 3 months depending on how many manuscripts we have in queue, so please bear with us. If at any point you’d like to check the status of your manuscript, drop us an email at or contact Jyorin or Moon on our Discord.

If your manuscript is accepted, we’ll contact you to negotiate a contract based on the services you need. If your manuscript is rejected, we may offer suggestions on how to improve for resubmission. You’re welcome to resubmit your manuscript after improvements are made.

Getting Started

If you'd like to participate in the MoonQuill Publishing Program, please use this form:

If you are unable to access the form, you may send your completed manuscript to using the instructions below.

In the subject, please write the following:

Subject: [Your Name] | [Manuscript Name] | MoonQuill Publishing Application.

In the email’s body, please let us know the best way to contact you, whether it be through email, Discord, or phone, if you’re in the United States of America.

Please remember to provide a query letter, brief synopsis of your story, and a file of the full manuscript to the email. Thank you!

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