Frequently Asked Questions

These guidelines are strictly for publishing with MoonQuill, and are not guidelines for the website’s web novel platform.


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Not at all! Authors may submit their own work or they can have their agents reach out instead.

Submissions via post / mail are allowed. Those submitted this way will not be returned to the author / agent. To submit via mail, please contact us at

Any original short stories, poems, children’s books, novellas, novelettes, light novels, novels, and epics!

We accept all genres, but we do not accept fanfiction.

Our word count requirement is rather flexible. The values below are guidelines and all works will be considered regardless of word count.

Collection of short stories: 40,000+
Collection of poems: No minimum.
Light Novels / Novelettes: 35,000+
Novels: 60,000+

We expect all submissions to exhibit a strong understanding of basic punctuation and grammar. Manuscripts should have minimal errors, especially ones that are easily detected with a simple spelling and grammar check.

We will only accept files with the doc, docx, and pdf extensions. For artwork, we’ll accept jpeg / jpg, png, and pdf. Alternatively, authors may provide a Google Doc link for manuscripts, and a Google Drive link for artwork, but please keep in mind that if you choose to do so, the links will need to be switched off of private so ensure we’ll have access to the provided material. For documents submitted as a Google Doc link, applicants are advised to disable the copy and download option by going to share, clicking on the cogwheel, and unchecking the available option(s).

Any font faces in the document(s) should be easily legible and font size should be 11pt or greater. Margins and line spacing should be reasonable.

Yes. This does not negatively impact your book’s chance of being accepted.

Authors may submit more than one book. If the books are not from the same series, they can be submitted separately or with the same form, so long as they’re distinguishable from one another.

Authors may publish under a pen name or their real name.


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MoonQuill operates out of the United States.

No. MoonQuill will consider all applications regardless of nationality, race, gender, etc., but we only accept manuscripts in English at this time.

If you are not of legal age, you will need to have a parent or guardian sign your contract with you. We may request identification for our records.

On average, it may take anywhere from one to three months for us to review your manuscript. Once you’ve submitted it to us, you will receive an email letting you know that we have received your submission. Once we’ve made our decision, you’ll get a personalized email with further details.

No. MoonQuill and its staff will never ask authors for payment.

Copyright, Royalties, and Sign-on Bonuses

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Yes. Authors keep their copyright.

This number varies from book to book, but typically authors can expect to keep between 40% to 60%.

Sign-on bonuses are offered to some authors at MoonQuill’s discretion. We do not currently offer advances, however that is remedied by our high-percent royalty rates for authors.

Editing and Covers

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No. You are free to hire your own editor, but their finalized work will have to be up to our standards or we will have one of our editors revisit the manuscript.

Yes, but they must meet specific guidelines or they will be rejected.

Yes. We’ll sit down with you to discuss ideas. Based on that discussion, we’ll curate a list of artists for you to choose from, and we’ll contact them accordingly. If there is a specific artist you’d prefer, please let us know beforehand.