Chapter 25 - Chapter 23

Author's Note


Hello, all of my wonderful readers! It's Silence and I've got a little bit of an update for ya. The story, as of chapter 23, has now reached what I think of as the "Checkpoint" or the midway point. So I'm going to take a couple of weeks off of releases. Not only for myself, but also for my glorious Illustrator and incredible editor. One has just moved over 70 miles and the other is just starting college back up, so I want to give them some time to get settled and take care of their business. Plus, it gives me time to write some more chapters, as well as focus on honing the ones I already have written. I apologize for no releases for a bit, but when I come back we will be entering the dungeon! There will be a lot of action, some fun scenes, and probably one or two other people saying "What the HELL" to our favorite purple haired Aetherous. Our next release will be 4/21/2019 (April 21st, 2019). Look forward to it! There will be a fight lasting the whole chapter (almost)! Last, but not least, On my RoyalRoad chapter release I have a poll for who your favorite character in the novel is so far. Please go vote! And tell me in the comments why/who you voted for! I really look forward to it^^ Here's the link: