Chapter 29 - Chapter 27

Author's Note


Hey guys! I thought I'd pop in and leave a VERY IMPORTANT message here for you all. You guys have a decision to make, once again! The climax to this story is coming very soon, in fact, the next chapter is the start of it all! So I figured I'd present you guys with a choice. The upcoming chapters, the climax, is likely to stop in the middle of fights, revelations, reveals, and possible conversations to move on to the next chapter. This means you might see half of a fight and then have to wait a week to see the next part. Based on the pacing and how my current chapters ahead of this one are going, I think the first book [yes there will be more after this] will end between the late thirties and early forties. So there are roughly 10-15 chapters remaining in the first book. To prevent this, I offer you all two choices. A: Continue as we have and release chapters on a weekly basis until it finishes (10-15 weeks). B: Save up the chapters and release them all at once as soon as all the first book's chapters are finished/edited. (between 5-8 weeks) If you all choose the second option, instead of weekly releases, I'll host Q&As on my twitter and discord server every week. I'll put up the Q&A's AS a release. I leave it up to you all to decide! Here is the Link to my twitter and the link to the strawpoll to decide how we do things! Twitter: Strawpoll: )