Chapter 27 - Chapter 25

Author's Note


Hey guys! Sorry this is a day late. My editor went MIA a couple days before we had to do editing and didn't say anything to me, so come time to edit I couldn't find him x.x... This chapter was edited by my roommate, who goes by many names, but we'll call "Leraikha". Thank you all for your patience, please enjoy our DOUBLE PICTURED Chapter! As a side note, unfortunately our illustrator, Cookichuu, won't be able to do pictures EVERY chapter like she has been. She has been lucky enough to be offered to get PAID for her webcomic "Aitai" on the Webcomics app. So she won't always have time to do a picture for us, but I fully support her and she still wants to do pictures for us when she has time^^ Definitely go check her out and support her as well.