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New story

by N.R.Seventeen on 10/01/2022

New story "Shining Hearts" has arrived (as promised;)!


New story!

by N.R.Seventeen on 02/01/2022

"What If I Love You" is coming to an end (one chapter left actually), but the new story is just around the corner!

I'll post it on my regular schedule, so don't miss it =)


Well, I sort of think that I need at least introduce myself properly.

by N.R.Seventeen on 02/01/2022

Hey, nice to meet you!
I'm nr.17 (Number Seventeen). I'm a writer and a little bit of an artist.
What do I write?
BL-stories, mostly. But I love to focus on feelings, inner thought of the character that is why my stories written from character's POV.
I don't mind hot scenes either ;-)

I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy writing them.
If so, don't hesitate to like, comment - it encourages me to keep going ^^
Well, I guess this is it. Thank you for your interest and have a good day =)

ps I also have an Instagram (nr_.seventeen) ;-)

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